Hello cuties! So I finally decided to bring some makeup things related, ant it's about the very well known colorful eyeliners bt NYX, the Vivid Brights! I've wanted to try them for a really looooong time but as I live in a city where there isn't a NYX store I had to wait until I visited Valencia.

So as you could guess I was pretty excited to try them out and I'm actually so happy about them!
I got petal, blossom, halo and escape; I didn't get any other as I already had similar ones. They retail for 5,90€ each.

Now, let's get to the real point: the review.

I'm gonna review them as a whole as I haven't noticed any difference between them.
So, firstly, the applicator is reaaaally comfortable, I'm actually pretty bad at doing my eyeliner to be honest, but with this applicator I'm able to do a perfect wing at the first time! But something I've seen on plenty of sites reviewing this product is the fact that these eyeliners crack way too much and that's something that I've noticed, which don't bother me too much, but that doesn't look nice in pictures (obviously). It's easy to take off if you're using micellar water, but it doesn't fade too fast by its own; so said this I would say this is a really good produc despite the fact that it may crack a little bit.

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I've been kind of down for a time now, I haven't posted anything in a long time and that makes me feel even worse, not because I haven't written in fact, but because ONCE again I have failed to myself and to my intentions. I wanted to do something, I knew it wouldn't be big but I hardly tried it, I spent like 3 days at it and bye that's it. I feel like I'm the only one betrayong my own self, and I don't even know how can I change that at all. Errr, let's be honest I DO know how I can change; I can try making things, things that actually motivate me but I'm not that kind of person that gets up and starts doing things, I'm more the kind of person to stay aaaall day long in bed asking herself what her life is becoming. But well, I didn't came here to be sobing. If I'm not going to do what I should do that is actual blogging, at least I'm going to take the interesting proposal of making a diary out of this abandoned blog.
So that's why today's date is the title, this is the moment I finally start telling my boring existence to you, non-readers, because I know that I'm speaking to a wall.

So today's day: woke at 5 am listening how my brother and his girlfriend arrived home, making noise obviouuusly! but I managed to sleep again. 9 am, woke, but decided not to get up as I didn't really want to have any kind of conversation with said girl, as I'm a pretty weird (not in the ''cool'' way) and anxious! Finally, got up when I made sure only my mom and I were home, but PLOT TWIST they fucking came in that fucking exact moment, which lead me to open my present anxiously, not in an excitant way actually. A white little bag, a crossbag or clutch, that's ok for me, not my favorite color for a bag but accepted; a marble phone case, actually like this one; a hand cream pokemon based by Tony Moly, well, I barely use hand cream and I don't like pokemon, but I accept and thank the solely act of buying me something.

Now, almost time for eating, the best thing to do? Isolate myself. Let's eat: the mooooooooost boring meal ever? huh. I love it when they're speaking French and I'm like .. em yea.
YES time to go againg to my bedroom ALONE.
And that's actually been my day, kind of boring right? R I G H T. Can't wait for her to go home... not mine tho please.



Hello everyone! Today I bring you a Blog Post Ideas. I now that being such a newbie here in the blogging world is kind of weird, but actually I've researching a lot due I'm a total uncreative person and I've had to look for every blog post ideas post! And since I've been doing it I've been getting some new ideas for blog posts, and I'd like to share them out just in case there's people who wants to start blogging but is kinda uncreative (like me!)


  • A DAY IN YOUR LIFE: share with your followers how a day of yours is, and you could include morning routine and night routine or made them as separate blog posts.
  • TOP 10 FAVORITE MAKEUP PRODUCTS: share which are the products that have been working the best for you 
  • A RECIPE THAT YOU LOVE: show which meal you love to do for special moments.
  • WHY YOU STARTED TO BLOG: tell which were the reasons that made you start a blog.
  • YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHLIST: share that that you want, it could be an inspiration for others!
  • DUPES FOR EXPENSIVE MAKEUP: research on some dupes of expensive makeup which are barely known.
  • FREEBIES: if you're good at photography you could give away cute stock photos for others starting bloggers, or if you're good at photoshop you could make resources for bloggers such as fonts, brushes... etc 
  • WHAT IS IN YOUR PHONE?: you can show productive apps, photography apps... 
  • HOW DO YOU EDIT YOUR PHOTOS?: show all the apps that you use to make your pics look cute, some tips and tricks... etc
  • DO IT YOURSELF'S: show people little and easy things they could do.
Those were some of my blog post ideas! I hope I helped you and that you liked this post. Make sure to follow my blog! There's blogposts on a daily basis!

qotd: where do y'all live in?
XOXO, Alicia.



Hello everybody! and welcome to my very first post which is going to be a 'How do I edit my pictures' using the well-known app, VSCO cam.

I like my pictures to look neat and elegant (the reason I normally use Photoshop CS5) and I think it's easy to do it in a quicker way without having to use PS as it's a little more difficult in my opinion and also much less comfortable as you need to use a computer.

I took 4 stock photos to show you some of the results:

 This is everything I put in practice to make my pics look the more beautiful as they could.
If the pic is mainly white-toned, instead of (+1) exposure use (-1) so it won't have too much light in it.
Obviously every pic has its own features, light... so you shouldn't follow this step by step; this is only a guide and you should adapt it to your own pic so it looks beautiful.
Make sure to follow the same steps and to adapt it to all the pics so you can start a theme and have a visual armony in your instagram (or wherever you're posting the pics)
I hope you liked this blog post and that it actually helped you! Make sure to follow my blog if you like it!

qotd: what topics would you like me to talk about?
XOXO, Alicia.

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