Hello everybody! and welcome to my very first post which is going to be a 'How do I edit my pictures' using the well-known app, VSCO cam.

I like my pictures to look neat and elegant (the reason I normally use Photoshop CS5) and I think it's easy to do it in a quicker way without having to use PS as it's a little more difficult in my opinion and also much less comfortable as you need to use a computer.

I took 4 stock photos to show you some of the results:

 This is everything I put in practice to make my pics look the more beautiful as they could.
If the pic is mainly white-toned, instead of (+1) exposure use (-1) so it won't have too much light in it.
Obviously every pic has its own features, light... so you shouldn't follow this step by step; this is only a guide and you should adapt it to your own pic so it looks beautiful.
Make sure to follow the same steps and to adapt it to all the pics so you can start a theme and have a visual armony in your instagram (or wherever you're posting the pics)
I hope you liked this blog post and that it actually helped you! Make sure to follow my blog if you like it!

qotd: what topics would you like me to talk about?
XOXO, Alicia.

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